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Kia Coolant Fluid Exchange in Columbus, OH

Coolant Fluid Exchange Service at Germain Kia of Columbus

Your Kia’s engine requires the ability to properly function regardless of the outside temperatures or conditions. In order to achieve this, your engine is engineered with a cooling system that uses a coolant fluid to maintain optimal operating temperature. Coolant, also sometimes referred to as antifreeze, is an essential fluid for your Kia. The first step to ensure the best performance of your cooling system is to inspect coolant levels and replace old coolant fluid when necessary. Over time, coolant fluid loses its potency and can no longer keep up with the demands of the Kia. When the time comes to replace your coolant, we invite you to visit Germain Kia of Columbus near Hilliard and West Jefferson, OH.

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Maintenance Is Critical For a Long Lasting and Reliable Engine Cooling System

Preventative services can be less costly than intervention or maintenance services. Replacing engine coolant is one of the most important services you can do for your Kia. Over time, your radiator can spring a leak due to the buildup of acidic corrosion fluids that were never changed. Your water core could be affected by old and contaminated engine coolant, which in some cases causes hundreds of dollars to repair. In other instances, the water pump, head gaskets, and freeze plugs could also be impacted. Kia advises service plans for engine coolant based on your specific year and model vehicle. When you follow their recommendations, your Kia will be poised for the best performance possible.


Signs That A Coolant Fluid Exchange Is Needed

When it’s time for a coolant fluid exchange, your vehicle will usually give you some advance warning. If you experience any of these common symptoms of bad engine coolant, it is important to bring your Kia to an authorized service provider such as Germain Kia of Columbus as soon as possible.


  • Irregular engine temperature readings.
  • Coolant leaks found under the vehicle.
  • Check engine light illuminated.
  • Smoke coming from the exhaust pipe.


Consequences of Neglecting Coolant System Service

The longer you wait to address a problem with your Kia, the worse it will get. This is true for all vehicle components, but especially anything that concerns your engine. Your vehicle's coolant system can best adapt to the right temperature if the fluid is fresh and not contaminated. Coolant fluid stabilizes the temperature of the water that flows through your vehicle's engine and the temperature of the radiator and water pump. Over time, coolant will naturally degrade and collect impurities such as dirt or metal shavings. Waiting too long to change out the fluid can wreak havoc on one or all of these components.


Trust Germain Kia of Columbus For Coolant Fluid Exchange Services Near Dublin, OH

When it comes time to maintain your coolant system, you should only trust certified professionals. We are an authorized Kia service provider conveniently located near Grove City, OH. Our technicians are Kia-certified and work with the best OEM parts and fluids available. When you come to us for coolant fluid exchange services, your Kia is serviced with the same coolant fluid that is used at the Kia factory. Allow our experts to keep your Stinger, Telluride, Seltos or any other Kia model running at peak performance with our coolant system services.

Kia Coolant Fluid Exchange


Visit Our State-Of-The-Art Service Facility in Columbus, OH

There is never a need to worry about engine coolant when certified services from Germain Kia of Columbus are at your fingertips! We make it easy to get the Kia coolant services that you need with an express service department, easy online scheduling, and flexible hours. If you live in Dublin, Hilliard, West Jefferson, or Grove City, OH, we are just a short drive away. Come see us at 1455 Auto Mall Drive in Columbus, OH, and trust our skilled technicians to keep your cooling system maintained to Kia factory standards!


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