Importance of Maintenance Even When Driving Less

What Type of Maintenance is Necessary for a Kia When You Are Driving Less?

Regardless of the reasons, there are times when we may drive our vehicle less than the normal amount throughout our lives. Suppose you aren’t planning to drive for more than a few weeks. In that case, Germain Kia of Columbus, Ohio has the following recommendations to ensure your vehicle stays primed and ready for use, so you can be confident that it will run at optimal performance when you’re ready to get back behind the wheel. Whether you live in Columbus or the surrounding areas of Dublin, Hilliard, Grove City, or West Jefferson, we’re here to help with tips for maintenance during periods of less driving. We’ll also include a complimentary multi-point inspection for the day you decide you’re ready to drive more.

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Oil Changes Are Still Necessary, Even When You’re Driving Less You must continue preventative maintenance for your vehicle, even during times of less driving. This is especially true for your car’s oil, regardless of the type it uses, as the oil can develop condensation and debris over time, and deterioration is likely after about six months. Although you may not be adding to your Kia’s mileage with long drives, the oil still needs to be replaced frequently. Our certified technicians at Germain Kia are ready to change your oil and check for possible deterioration of other parts such as rubber hoses and belts.

Drive Your Kia at Least Once Every Two Weeks

We recommend taking your Kia out for a short drive a few times a month to keep it running as it should. Optimally, this would include driving for at least 10-15 minutes to keep your car battery charged and your engine running smoothly. It also ensures your car’s fluids are reaching the parts that need lubrication, plus your tires won’t develop flat spots from sitting in one position for too long. If you notice your tires’ air pressure is low during your short drive, it may be time to adjust the tire pressure. Temperature fluctuations in Columbus may cause your tires to lose pressure, even when you aren’t driving your vehicle as much.

Prevent Weather Damage to Your Kia

When leaving your Kia outdoors for a long period, be sure to protect it against the elements. Temperature changes in Ohio can be drastic at times, which can lead to condensation in your vehicle’s gas tank. Our certified technicians at Germain Kia strongly recommend that you fill your gas tank before letting it sit, to prevent condensation buildup. We also recommend protecting your investment by using a car cover to prevent the following from building up on your vehicle:

  • Debris, including leaves, dust, and pollen
  • Bird droppings
  • Scrapes and scratches to your paint
  • Rust

Germain Kia of Columbus, Ohio Can Give Your Car the Checkup It Needs When you decide you’re ready to drive more, whether for work, a vacation, or simply down the street, be sure to schedule a checkup with our certified technicians to ensure your Kia will run as reliably and safely as it should. We will give it a thorough inspection to check for any cracks, leaks, deterioration, or damage that may have occurred due to minimal driving. Our express service department can ensure you get in and out quickly, so you and your Kia can be on your way. We make it quick and convenient to schedule a complimentary multi-point inspection using our online scheduling tool. We’ll make sure you are comfortable with our complimentary drinks and coffee, complimentary Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, and complimentary snacks. Our friendly and professional staff is committed to making your experience at Germain Kia of Columbus the best it can be!

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